Keeping our community safe with our new clinic guidelines

A safer dental visit begins before you come in

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are accepting patients strictly by appointment. 

To book an appointment, kindly accomplish the Pre-Appointment Screening Form.

  • We require ALL PATIENTS to wear a mask upon entering the office.
  • Bringing of companions are NOT allowed, unless necessary, and only limited to 1 per patient. It is advised that they wait outside the clinic.
  • Maintain social distancing in the reception area for essential companions if they cannot wait in a vehicle or outside the clinic.
  •  Please come on time. We try to allot enough time for your procedure and in between patients for proper cleaning and disinfection of the operatory. Any delays will affect succeeding appointments.

We put safety first when you arrive

From an on-site temperature check to staggered visit times, we prioritize your health at every step.

A clinical experience that's safer for everyone.

You’ll be cared for in a sanitized space, with sterilized equipment, by a clinical team in enhanced PPE.

Sterilized equipment

All of our clinical equipment is either single-use or thoroughly sterilized.

Enhanced PPE


Our clinical team wears gloves, masks, and for enhanced protection, face shields.


Same-day dentistry


To reduce trips to the studio and germ exposure while in transit, we offer treatment right away.


Follow-up health check


Two weeks after you come in, we’ll reach out to see if you’ve shown any symptoms of illness.


Protecting our team


We provide our team with daily health checks, masks for commutes, laundry service, and more.


Real-time safety updates

We are closely monitoring the DOH and PDA, as they update their guidelines, we will update our safety practices in real time.

Virtual Visits

Not sure if you need to be seen? We’re offering free virtual visits with our Head of Clinical Development, Dr. Miguel Quevedo. He’ll talk to you about your concern and provide a recommendation on how to proceed.

To book, give us a call at 8-5632853 or 0967-8324982-