Pacific Dental: Getting a crown in just 1 week

Our team will ensure your time with us is comfortable and personalized to your needs. All our crowns are created with biocompatible materials and placed using minimally-invasive and gentle techniques. 

  1. We’ll prepare the surface of your tooth, clearing away any decay and reshaping the tooth
  2. Our team will take an impression of your teeth and take note of the shade so we can customize them to achieve the most natural-looking crowns
  3. Our lab will use its high-tech milling machine, to fabricate the permanent crowns.
  4. We’ll carefully place the crown for try-in, ensure the good adaptation to your teeth, shade matching before we finally cement it.

We believe going to the dentist should be a positive and empowering experience.
Our entire staff is dedicated to helping you know the joy of a happy, healthy smile.