Be safe at Pacific Dental

In response to COVID-19, Pacific Dental has taken the initiative to implement extensive safety measures to secure both its staff and patients. With these measures, the clinic is now available to cater to every dental need.

These measures include:

  • Use of Enhanced PPEs – For doctors, staff, and patients alike.

  • Pre-Evaluation Form – To monitor travel history and risk exposure of patients before setting an appointment

  • High Volume Evacuator – Advanced oral suction machine that reduces 90% to 98% of aerosols.

  • Fogging Machine – Disinfects hard-to-reach surfaces such as insides of machines and chairs.

  • 360° Germicidal Ultraviolet Light – Disinfects remaining microorganisms after fogging.

  • Air Purifier – Maintains safe and breathable air using HEPA filter.

  • Negative Pressured Isolation Room to prevent airborne illnesses such as COVID-19.

  • In-house Autoclave machine for medical tools. Our instruments are sealed in pouches and are autoclaved prior to the dental procedure to ensure that they are sterilized before use.